Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Family Emergency

Three days ago, my sweet, elderly mother-in-love has suddenly experienced an intracerebral hemorrhage, or a "bleeding stroke." This was caused by a burst blood vessel in the brain. Mom is almost 86 years old, and needs all the prayers she can get right now.

The doctors recommended that she be transferred from our local community hospital to a specialty hospital in Philadelphia for surgery to remove the pressure off of the brain. However she declined it. She doesn’t want to endure this procedure, even though her prognosis is very poor. There is a 50% chance the bleeding will continue. We were told the surgery would not prolong her life.

Mom is extremely confused, with slurred speech, and her right side is very weak to the point of almost being immobile, her blood pressure is through the roof it is so high. It breaks our hearts seeing her lie helpless as she is.

Today she has been transferred to a stroke rehabilitation hospital. By working with speech, occupational, and physical therapist we’re hoping this will help her learn to talk again and hopefully regain some muscle strength in her right arm and leg.

Please lift our family up in your prayers and good thoughts at this time.

We are indeed facing some strong winds in our lives these days.

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