Monday, January 4, 2010

Special Surprise on Christmas Eve

Christmas was extraordinarily special this year for us thanks to an unexpected surprise my romantic husband had for us.

Unexpectedly once again Eric re-proposed to me on Christmas Eve and said he wanted us to renew our wedding vows. With only us in a private ceremony at home, we prayed together and with tears streaming down both of our faces, we reread our original wedding vows to one another making a few changes by adding more promises to them. We then exchanged our wedding bands again. (photo of mine is below). We both agreed it was a very special time for us.

It's memorable moments like this that made the holidays this year even more memorable. A time for new beginnings. And most importantly remembering what the real meaning of Christmas is, and celebrating Jesus's birth.

We have been through so many personal trials this past year and with God's help, we’re determined this year is going to be our very best in our lives and in our marriage. It was exactly what we needed, and I am so happy Eric thought of this idea.

We spent a wonderful Christmas Day with my whole family. The food, family fellowship, and the laughter from playing board games were something I will cherish forever. We missed being with Eric's son's and their families who live in PA, otherwise our holiday would have been perfect if we had all been able to be together. But thankfully we were able to talk by phone with them.

Fast forwarding to today, so far it’s been four days into the New Year, and I can not imagine what obstacles we’re going to overcome together this year and the amazing adventures we are going to have. I just know we'll do it with God's help.

I truly believe that we’re going to get the miracle of Eric receiving a liver transplant in 2010 that we’ve been praying for. We’re holding on to our faith, and believing this is really going to happen soon.

Eric's surgeon has requested that he lose 50 lbs, and so far he’s lost over 25lbs in just a few short weeks. We’ve been going to the fitness center working out on the treadmill whenever Eric is able. It feels good to get back into the habit of exercising again, and we’re both looking forward to being able to play golf again, going canoeing, and doing all the things that we’ve missed and want to learn how to do together.

Yeah, 2010 is going to be our best year ever. We have faith!


  1. Debi, thanks for the update. It sounds as if you had a wonderful Christmas. Reaffirming your vows is awesome. Best wishes to you and your husband for a good 2010.

  2. I too hope this is a wonderful year for you two. You deserve it!

    Praying for Eric!

    Go 2010!!!

  3. Hold onto that precious faith dear one.