Saturday, May 1, 2010

Storm Chasers

Storm chasing meteorologists astound me at the risks they are willing to take tracking hazardous weather phenomena. They do this to keep the public informed and warned of impending dangers while doing their jobs.

Being raised in the Deep South, I am familiar with the usual springtime tornado seasons. I learned quickly to pay close attention to weather conditions, and seek shelter whenever imminent storm warnings were issued. Today we woke up startled by the sounds of the wailing civil defense sirens and immediately began to take necessary precautions.

Our eyes were glued to the television for the continuous updates as surrounding communities received major damage and deaths. Funnel clouds were spotted nearby and developed into multiple twisters with torrential downpours, high winds, constant loud claps of thunder, and streaks of lightening seen dancing and lighting up the darkened skies.

Today brought back reminders of another frightening situation we experienced last weekend when my husband and I were caught in the mist of another killer tornado. I was driving down the highway when unexpectedly we heard the warning sirens of a looming tornado. Immediately I drove to the nearest building, where we took cover inside a department store until it was safe to leave. From the storefront windows many watched as the skies grew darker and the swirling winds increased and howled louder as it intensified.

That particular tornado was an F-4 with winds of 170 mph that killed 10 people in Yazoo and Choctaw County, MS. Hundreds others were left homeless and numerous buildings were demolished into toothpick splinters as its strength ripped a path of deadly destruction.

I was terrified and was earnestly praying, and reciting Psalm 56:3 When I am afraid I will trust in him.

Without any doubt it was by God’s protective hand covering us that we were unharmed as the tornado’s path changed directions right before it got to us and we were spared any harm.

Not all storms in life are weather related. I know that God is always present, safeguarding and bringing us through these trials when we head the warnings and turn to seek shelter in him through prayer.

In many Bible verses, we see repeatedly that God is there lovingly providing refuge for us regardless of what type of storms we are facing, if we will only trust in him. I have found that God is the ultimate storm chaser for all of my life’s storms, and he wants to be yours too if you will let him.


  1. I hope that He keeps you and others safe in life's storms and those that are made by Nature.