Friday, July 24, 2009

Odd things happening at home

No much to report today, other than there is never a dull moment around our home -- only a dull looking flower bed now.

We live in a suburban area that is inundated with groundhogs and Whitetail deer and it’s not uncommon to see them in walking through our yard late in the evenings year round, more especially in the wintertime.

Never have we experienced a problem with either of them until recently. I have found evidence of hoof marks inside my now flowerless flower bed. The deer have obviously visited our yard during the night and had a feast from all of my flowers as a midnight snack.

All of my beautiful stargazer lilies blooms are now gone, nibbled up, with only stems remaining. I salvaged the last few blooms and put them in a vase on my table so that we could get a little enjoyment out of them. Other foliage has been torn and my azalea blooms and buds stripped, gnawed and sampled.

The deer completely ignored the green plants that I wasn’t fond of, leaving everything appearing as if it was all shrubs and weeds now.


Something strange happened the other night. My son Adam was over for dinner, and as he was helping me set the table with the dinnerware, he also lit a candle as he knows we sometimes enjoy having candlelight with dinner.

Within minutes the three of us were eating and sharing conversation, when unexpectedly the overhead light went out leaving us with a dim flame produced by the burning candle. Our first thoughts were that the power was going out, but then we noticed the lights over the island bar a few feet away were still on.

Within two minutes the lights came back on again. We were all intrigued by this and discussed how odd that only one set of the light fixtures in the kitchen went out and then... it happened a second time.

This time we were laughing at how eerie this was. Of all the lights in the house that were on at that particular time, the only one to go off was the one that was above our heads.

Do you ever have problems with animals in your yard, or strange things happening in your home?


  1. Just raccoons and the occasional opossum that comes to visit. Well, the flying squirrels have gotten into the attic before but I think I stopped that. Life is interesting on the farm.

  2. Those lilies and azeleas are/were gorgeous. Apparently they're delicious too! I've had issues with field mice...not so unusual when you're surrounded by fields of corn and soybeans. I do have a friend, however, who had a raccoon in her attic once.

    The incident with the candle is amazing. I don't think it was a coincidence. :-)

  3. The candle and light incident sounds like what I call a "God moment."