Saturday, June 6, 2009

Creature of Habit

I have discovered I am a creature of habit. I have adopted certain good habits that I practice routinely, and yet I have developed others that do not benefit me. I am not someone who resists change, nor do I encourage it. Some of my behaviors I have no desires to change, although I realize I need better discipline in changing some of my more unhealthier habits. My will power is often weak at best in the self-improvement area.

Daily rituals are an essential part of maintaining a consistent lifestyle for me, and I’ve found that if my weekday routines are altered it seems to temporarily throw me off the course of my day. I am similar to Bill Murray’s character in the Groundhog’s Day movie in that some ways it appears I’m reliving each day repeatedly, and that’s not always a bad thing for me. I wonder if others live their lives by habitually repeating the same things day in and day out as I do.

I usually try to wake up by 8:00 each morning, brush my teeth, and take my medications. That is the first two important things I must do upon awaking. I spend the first hour of my day enjoying my quiet time in prayer and my daily devotions while enjoying my morning cup of WaWa French Vanilla coffee.

Later I typically can be found munching on a bowl of breakfast cereal while reading the news online, answering or writing emails and commenting on blogs and facebook. Then I face the challenges of the day whether it is laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, appointments, or whatever it may be for that particular day.

Some days there isn’t a lot of excitement, yet I especially enjoy those quiet days at home and it’s important that I set aside some time just for me at some point in the day.

My evenings are always spontaneous, and I prefer them this way. I am against strict dinner schedules and I like to just go with the flow or whatever the mood is at the moment. I enjoy spending quality time with my husband relaxing watching TV, reading, writing a blog, and winding down from the day’s events before bedtime.

For my everyday life, I’ll continue puttering along with my daily rituals that work fine for me, while singing my own silly songs, and feeling grateful to God for having another day to share with my family. Most importantly, I’ll just continue to not dwell on the negative issues of the world that I have no control over, and just be appreciative of the things that enrich my life.


  1. I, too, feel most comfortable operating within a pattern of activities. I think it's important, and it seems to be inevitable as one grows older.

    I like your routine! Well written and thoughtful entry, Debi.

  2. Your day sounds good. I have a bit more schedule with work from 8:30 to 5:00 PM. I also have a 40 minute commute in the morning so I have to get going and get on the road most mornings with not much time for leisure.